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Track Name: (Intro) DLV aka Vlad Flueraru - The background noise
i be spitting rhyme after rhyme, i'm back again
never went to no man's land, i would, but i can't
never thought of dissapearing too many people depend
on me... i do have what to defend

all you do is pretend you got it naaah
you got nothing to say besides shit braaahh
you and your brain should take a break, stop thinking,
you ain't got a flow to boat with it, you'll start sinking

and then start to dive and swim along with the fishes
you then hit the bottom, so you pour some more and start drinking
the water flows, but your wack rhymes are still the same
you swallow them and choke a bit while spitting in vain

you should be ashamed of yourself, your words don't even sound lame
i could barely hear the sound they make, it drives me insane
stop causing pain, actually send me the vocals the chorus
if i remove the background noise, i'd meet many sounds but yours
Track Name: DLV aka Vlad Flueraru - Focus on the track

can you feel it? it sounds so good my ears like it
my brain starts to focus on the track, my heart loves it
mezmerising view, psychologically speaking
music's knocking on my door but i'm still peeking

ill, as in too many thoughts in my mind
and my only medicine is actually one of a kind
so i open the door as i'm feeling more anxious
she surrounds me, i can feel it it's infectious

positive sickness, i don't want to be cured
as i became diseased, concomitant i feel pure
i treasure it like the wealth from a chest
i'm still waiting for the plenitude before i go on another quest

you can't beat that with a stick,
you can say it's one hell of a drug that takes you in heaven really quick
yep, that's what i need, nothing can compete
a little bit more of it and i feel complete


yep, tap tapping this beat, like a metronome
pervs be like that's the wrong way dude, go home
they be tapping bitches, i be stopping talk like this
grammar died along with real rap words, peace

backspace all those terryfing tracks man
i think i'm trying make a point i really give a damn
i'm not one of those to throw it all away
i do care, what happens to music conserns me today

in the future, like my buddy TONI told me
we would listen to a bunch of songs by E.T's
loud and weird and strident they need morphine
they should calm down before releasing an E.P

K, where's your MG to feed
kill all the negative thoughts that we don't need
cuz i'm about to lose my mind, help me mom
i wanna feel like dfd, cool and calm
Track Name: DLV aka Vlad Flueraru - Feet on the ground

i don't trust you, call it integrity
i got my feet on the ground, call it gravity
you're too serious, it calls for a parody
but i ain't got no time to prepare it as a remedy

it's just a phase, and mine's just a phrase
but imma spit it all out just like a bad taste
people cover my back like a phone case
and it was hard to find'em in a long way maze

life's difficult, like a rubick's cube
that analogy was used more than a lube
i'm ok with that, yeah i'm ok with that
the thing is i'm not ok with the way we act

the boys choose the rack, McDon' choses the fat
the media gets all the idiots, they want'em all back
and i'm crazy if i get alive out of an attack
i've got a freakin broke bicycle man they got a freakin tank


stau pe limba mea in continuare, nu-i lapsus
aceeasi stare neintrerupta gen hiatus
te-ntep ca un cactus, dupaia m-am dus
e drept spune-mi ca si cum ai avea platfus

descult pe autostrada, departe de strada
o tara calda apare in loc la tara ta retarda
fugi cat poti, scapi de netoti, si-noti
cand treci de-asfalt si parcurgi apa 15 nopti

sau mai multe, in functie de cat de mult tanjesti
spre lumea care schimba modu-n care tu gandesti
depinde de tine cu ce viitor te vopsesti
nu tre sa deplasezi trupu, doar sa meditezi

sa privesti in fata, nu in spate suspicios
ca nu vezi un drum bun si un spatiu prodigios
in care totu-i aranjat, e pus la punct tot locu
nu lasa jaratecu mocnit sa piarda focu
Track Name: DLV aka Vlad Flueraru - Dual colored pill

got one side where i'm living in sorrow
where everything i need i have to borrow
no money, no power, losing my
concreteness, like fat on fitness, i'm a coward

it's more like a superficial pain
i don't feel a thing, but i do know that this is not a game
lose the blame, or win the fame
it's all in my head, i'm probably high in the worst plane

my face is getting f'ed up like Bane's
like a hot girl that ended up scribbled with crayons
it happens when it rains, and it does in this world of mine
everytime that i remind myself i have more to climb

it's funny how easy i can cry but
it's hard to find joy even harder to describe
like the chills that you get when i run my
fingers down to your thigh, indefinable, the feeling that i can apply


sister, oh, sister, thank God there's another
side where everything gets crisper
where my mind turns clear like the crystal
this is my threat for the other side i'm a missle

it's all gone like a nightmare caput
the noise dissapears from my ears, hit mute
disturbing images start to fade away
i'm stable now, i used to spin around like a bey-blade

i'm excited like a nudist finding the nude
got away from the hard time with the tough attitude
still there, but i can simplify it like the square root
yeah, the mood gets addictive like the junk food

and it gets easier, like a test
where the first 2 questions are harder than the rest
there's two sides of me, i'm a dual colored pill
but without one of' em i wouln't be real
Track Name: DLV aka Vlad Flueraru - Telling you

blow up, lyrical fight in front of the mike
healthy for my versification like a hike
the mike's pretty great but i win every battle
it was warth it, now i'm hard like heavy metal

not going anywhere don't wanna lose my pride
you wanna tie me up, make sure the rope's tight
i could do this all night, clisee much u right
why do your best, when you can be worse than coke light

oops, nevermind scratch that dj q-bert
yo feel me, being satirical, jon stewart,
eyes on the beat, listen to my artwork
turn it all upside down, yeah, but don't twerk

it's frustrating like dealing with conflicting terms
like fat equals to curves, insignificant herps
you're getting on my nerves like a television ad
that i can't skip, perfect for me to get mad


don't get mad at me, for telling you
that it's hard for me to be crazy to
copy all that i can see
i don't wanna be like them, told you, let me be


the hell with that, read some books, a huge stack
you can have the heart rate increased more than on crack
but you don't even know how it is to shut the hell up
i don't even wanna know, feel my acapella

look, it's not my thing, i use it for my own spirit
to print the words on my mind so i could never feel it
i never choosed the easy way like a prostitute
that's not my route, didn't mean to sound so rude

flirting with the danger, losing your identity
just to emerge into the light of the society
same layout, tired of the same typography
build your own font writing your biography

let me give you tips like a wealthy consumer
at a restaurant, you'd be like yeah boss that's the one
i'm out like a bored kid
i'm leaving the rest of my intentions for you to proceed
Track Name: (Outro) DLV aka Vlad Flueraru - Did my part

i decided to freak out the romanian rappers
i'm tired of doing the same thing like the fappers
not getting money, not selling CD's,
i don't care, i'm here to be fly like the bees

who cares? you care, u just asked
it's like copying from your own test
imma shave you like the hair on my chest
then im gonna revive you, so you clean the mess

better be big someday, i could never be big
if i don't say every day, make it rain
the money came, the money gone too
but i'm still the same, goin cray, call me sky blu

i'm the kind of rapper who never lies
i'm the wrapper that keeps the flow nice
i got verses that glow like fire flies
i'm already big, never liked the medium size


goin nuts like the videos on youtube
i've got a lot of weird suggestions for you too
listening to jay-z? would you like some cute pubes
falling down from the sky sqweezing through a tight tube

bizzare like the movie cube but not predictable
you always know who dies first, yeah i'm criticle
always practical analizing story lines
so i could do better always shining like the dynamites

same creations, common phrases, all you can get
gentlemen place your bets, it's gonna be the same shit
you heard that from a guy settled in Romania
steal the same type man call me kleptomaniac

put it away so i could use it like, never
never been the type that falls for it like a feather
i'm making it easly at the top without a ladder
i did my part, it's time for you to be clever